Nothing makes me happier than having patients take the time to write a review. Here are some samples:

"I rated Ilana 5 out of 5! Ilana is skilled and listens to concerns and acts kindly and is sincere. " Dee, Park Street

"Would highly recommend Ilana. Felt really energised and positive after each treatment." Suzanne, Hendon

"I have suffered with chronic insomnia for more than nine years,having tried numerous remedies nothing seemed to help,. I was exhausted & living in a twighlight world where I was awake most of the night and then only able to catch a couple of hours sleep during the day. In desperation I thought I would try Acupuncture, I saw Ilana for the first time on 16th June, gradually that week after the first treatment I found I was able to drift off to sleep at bedtime, by my second treatment the change was amazing,each night I was going to bed & dropping off to sleep easily, actually sleeping for 7 to 8 hours waking rested & refreshed. I couldn't believe it. The quality of my sleep pattern has continued to improve, Ilana has also treated me for for back pain & sluggish digestive system during the past six weeks. To say Ilana has transformed my life is no understatement, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to feel so well.,thank you so much Ilana." Lesley, Borehamwood

"My wife went to see Ilana last week as her sciatica is really bad and being 36 weeks pregnant it was no fun for her! After seeing Ilana the sciatica is no more, just the usual back ache which is normal - my wife is a tricky customer to please sometimes, but is certainly looking forward to seeing Ilana in the future - could not recommend her highly enough! 5 stars! " Daniel, Borehamwood

'I'd very much like to recommend Ilana for Acupuncture. I saw her during my last pregnancy & it helped me so much. Whether it was aches & pains, pelvic or sciatic pain or trouble sleeping week by week she eased my discomfort. Each week she does a thorough consultation and also does a tongue diagnosis to indicate problem areas too. Very professional.” Emma, Mill Hill

"Over the past several weeks Ilana made me feel calm and relaxed, I'm sure I fell a sleep once or twice!! Went to see her about normal aged related aches & pains, some of the pains have subsided, some are still there but certainly not as bad. I have no hesitation in recommending Ilana for whatever ales you this is why I gave her 5*." Simon, London Colney

"I had been getting tension headaches for years which were increasing in frequency and severity. I contacted Ilana and although I was nervous she made me feel at ease. Within a couple of sessions my headaches had decreased significantly. Ilana continued to work her magic on me and my headaches have improved dramatically. I now visit Ilana once a month because the whole experience is so relaxing (I yawn from the time I get in there to the time I leave) and improves my health. Try acupuncture by Ilana – you won’t regret it!" Cathy, Borehamwood

"I like her straightforward and non-judgmental style. Illana has definitely helped me move to the next step. With her support, I'm now booking into a health/medical retreat for intensive weeks. Very good. Totally trustworthy. I'm a tough case, disabled. Very happy to have Ilana's help and support in every way." Chrissie, Radlett

"I had acupuncture and it was a great experience. I would recommend it. It is a relaxing experience." Jelina, Barnet

"Since having treatment with Ilana my joint pain hasn't only eased but has disappeared completely. I can now wear boots and shoes all day that used to be too painful to wear for more than 3 hours. Lovely lady, professional service and I highly recommend!" Helena, Borehamwood

"I am currently in the middle of a course of treatment at Ilana's clinic and finding that my symptoms have lessened dramatically thanks to her. Very happy to recommend." Tonie, Borehamwood

"Would definitely recommend Ilana- Calm and So professional. I have been seeing an Osteopath for few months and not much improvement for my Sciatica. Went to Ilana and after one session I have had a noticeable difference." Jess, Borehamwood

"Ilana was lovely, she made me feel relaxed and helped ease my back pain. She talked me through the process and was very personable. Highly recommend." Danni, Borehamwood

"I am very happy with successful treatment received." Steve, Borehamwood