Well Body

We all want to feel well and often it is only after a return to good health that we realise how we take our health for granted. I deal with many patients who suffer for weeks, months even years with conditions that they haven't managed to resolve and that affect their quality of life. How many of us complain about a pain somewhere, tennis elbow, sciatic or back pain, repeating issues such as headaches, stress, depression, menstrual issues or insomnia to name just a few.

I have treated patients for years with acupuncture and have seen great results with a variety of conditions.
NICE Guidelines recommend traditional acupuncture for lower back pain, headaches and migraines. There are several other conditions where acupuncture is found to improve health outcomes. Specific guidance from the World Health Organisation states that acupuncture should be referred to for several conditions including the following:

Clinical studies indicate that acupuncture is also effective in treating:

Source: Acupuncture Efficacy: A compendium of Controlled Clinical Trials by Stephen Birch & Richard Hammerschlag